A Wildlife Rehabilitator, or more fondly known as “wildlife rehabber” is an unique person all of their own. I would even go so far as to say that they are a separate species of the human race, similar to the differences between domestic cats and tigers.

A wildlife rehabber lays eyes on a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, and they know what to do and how to help. Most of it is instinct, much of it is education, training and experience. Besides being a wild critter healer, a rehabber must also be a psychologist in order to function amongst the Good Samaritan citizens that find some of the wild animals. More often than not, the Good Samaritans do far more harm than good as they feed incorrect formulas, don’t know about body temperature regulations and have no idea the true diseases or parasites they may encounter from species to species.

The law was established to protect the Good Samaritan finders from unwittingly bringing havoc, chaos and sickness into their homes and communities via zoonotic diseases. In the 1970’s there were no such laws. Citizens taking in wild animals anticipating unique pets soon found out they were spreading diseases in between the wild and the domestic animal populations. They all too quickly found they had a wild animal in their possession rather than that cute little wild baby animal. So the laws are a good thing to keep our wild animals out of the hands of the general public for their own safety, health and welfare of the entire community.

Many humans have a need to help animals of all types. Some are called to tend God’s wild creatures. It is a calling like a physician or teacher. We cannot refuse any single creature in need, even if laws require it at times. We MUST help. We cannot walk away from a dying baby or something that was just hit by a vehicle any more than we could harm our neighbor’s children. Those injured wild animals have a right to the care any other living creature is deserving of. Genesis Chapter 1 tells us the creatures were created for humans to care for. End of story. Whose law must I follow? My Creator or my lawmaker?

Some humans have the need to be integrated with wildlife, but aren’t exactly “rehabber species” so they study for careers in forestry, police force, DNR, BLM, etc. They are very book wise, but most of them don't have a clue what to do with a wild animal any more than a citizen finding one. Simple wildlife questions they need to look up in their course books. Wildlife rehabbers generally just know from experience. The law is very mistaken about many of our wild animals and actually cause more general population panic and hysteria than help wildlife “encounters”.  It’s good they followed their chosen profession, but when it comes to wild animals? Wildlife Rehabbers know better. Even your local Animal Control has very little idea what to do with a wild one ... that's obvious by watching Animal Planet's Detroit raccoon "release". What's sad is that presented to the general public a completely WRONG method of releasing a raccoon.

Citizens are so afraid of the laws that when they find a wild animal in need, they are too afraid to come forward. They will not turn it over to a facility that will kill it. They will hide it and try to help. They are even afraid to turn it over to a licensed wildlife rehabber for fear of fines and jail time. By the time we gain their trust? The injury has worsened, become so severe or infected that it may be too late to help [IF they don't die on the poor citizen trying to help and give them a horrible guilt trip!].


There are enough established caring licensed wildlife rehabbers, professional Veterinarians, and domestic animal rescuers and shelters that currently agree. These are the World’s Undercover Angels. A gift from your God to help your displaced and injured animals. There are even more citizens that agree as well. Our Undercover Angels are willing [and do so on a daily basis] to risk it all; life, limb, prosperity and personal security to help our native wildlife, feral, displaced domestics and exotic species. It is our mission in this life.

Have you personally ever broken any law? Ever gone over the speed limit and didn’t get stopped? Ever lie to your kids or a neighbor?  Ever get too much change back and not say anything? Ever found a wild animal that needed help and didn’t know what to do – so you did everything you could and it didn’t survive? Ever hit somebody’s car and didn’t leave a note?

Join the LBA and TESTIFY – anonymously of course – you will get rewarded if you do.

Join the LBA and become an Undercover Angel – your rewards will be even greater if you do.

Join the LBA and turn over that wild animal to a designated Undercover Angel. You will be promised no one will ever know your identity if you trust us. You can rest assured we will keep your personal info as secret as the police keep their informants. We don’t really want to know much about you anyway. We just want the animal and the history of it’s encounter or life spent with you. We only want honesty and trust. We have little time for beating around the bush, we have wild animals to heal. But we have little tolerance for blatant abuse of a creature so if you are harming any of the World's creatures intentionally; you better never meet one of us face to face, and we just might come haunt you after we cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Join the LBA and help your Undercover Angels care for those wild animals you so caringly helped by auctioning off unwanted items in our LBA Auction.

Join the LBA and help us let the law makers know that these laws need some revisions. We think laws are a good thing, but times change and so do the laws about our wild animals need to change.

Join the LBA and post your banners and links. Show that you support our cause. Purchase a bumper sticker for your state chapter and help us get the word out!! PLEASE HUMANS!!! We HAVE GOT to live together -- there is nowhere else for either of us to go just now. Only one Mother Earth.

All of these features will be launching in the very near future. A gremlin got into my php and well, even gremlins need rehabbing sometimes.

we are born free, now live to serve, we are the LBA, so mums the word

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