Northwoods Wildlife Orphanage


IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE AN INJURED, AT RISK OR ORPHANED CREATURE PLEASE contact a wildlife rehabilitation professional before trying to ‘help’.  Please check the info links at the bottom of the page to learn if the creature you found needs your help or not. We deal with “nuisance” wildlife in Marinette County Wisconsin.  Our wildlife removal service is NOT a “euthanasia” method.  ...  We don’t want to kill the animals and we don’t want your business next year.  By humane exclusion of the animals we solve the problem once for all.

On top of receiving no compensation for their efforts from local, state or federal government wildlife rehabbers must fund the considerable cost of food, medicines and veterinary care and the building of cages &c. to house the animals.  Please, if you can, contribute to this worthwhile endeavor, either using your mobile device by scanning the following code ...

... or by post to:  ‘Dory & the Orphans Wildlife Orphanage Corp’ – 133 Victor Street – Coleman WI 54112

Found a baby bird?What do I do?
Found a fawn or injured deer?What do I do?
Found a baby bunny?What do I do?
Found a mammal you think needs help?What do I do? (PDF file)
Found a wild bird?What do I do? (PDF file)
Does a Raccoon make a good pet?Stories from those who have tried to tame a raccoon.
General questions?Wildlife Facts

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